Foundations become Traditions

Honoring the rich heritage of giving

A university forged from vision, generosity

Before there was the state of Colorado, there was the University of Colorado. And before there was C...
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‘Unstoppable’ moniker worn with honor

Support turns ‘Unstoppable’ moniker worn with honor At UCCS, ’unstoppable’ women scholars shed obsta...
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'The First Time I Felt Like a Doctor'

Nina Jean was a rancher’s daughter, who passed down the value of working hard and helping others. Sh...
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Traditions inspire Journeys

Exploring how giving improves lives today

One more student planning a future

When he graduated in May, William Mundo reached a milestone in his journey at the University of Colorado Denver. It’s a journey that almost didn’t even start. It’s good for him—and us—it did. Before William devoted countless hours to his studies over four years and emerged as one of the...
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Flush with a commitment to service

Nothing demands a solution like a broken toilet. That’s what Mae Rohrbach learned in the UCCS dorms in the fall of 2013. “We had to flush it multiple times until we got it fixed. I thought: There is so much water being wasted,” says Mae, now a senior studying geography...
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Taking pride in listening

Taking pride in talking, listening to each other What’s something about you that most people wouldn’...
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Journeys illuminate Possibilities

Imagining a future shaped by generosity

Turning lives right-side up

In 2006, Christine Cillian’s life changed forever. She wouldn’t know how severely for another two years. Christine, then 29, suffered a severe neurological attack that she had thought pointed to multiple sclerosis. Her arms fell limp. She couldn’t walk. Her body failed to function. “Everything turned upside down,” she says...
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Building something from nearly nothing

Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday. Four days of holiday break and every campus cafeteria was closed. It was Thanksgiving 1985, and Tandean Rustandy had $5 to his name. He had nowhere to go for the holiday. CU Boulder’s dorms were still open, which meant he could relax over the long weekend,...
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The power to heal

Sean Coetzee loved how media forensics—an emerging industry that uses technology to fight crime in the digital age—expanded the realm of what he did as a sound engineer. Yet in late 2013, one year away from completing his master’s at CU Denver in the Media Forensics program, Sean was diagnosed...
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