Central CU Advancement

About Central Advancement Operations

Central Advancement works closely with CU’s four campus Advancement offices and the University of Colorado Foundation to advance the university’s mission.

Our vision

Excellence in service and strategy, expertise and efficiency

Our mission

We will support CU’s fundraising and engagement goals by empowering our people and strengthening our processes, data and technology.

Our values and guiding principles

Value No. 1: Work together: You’re smart. They’re smart. We’re smarter together.

  • I nurture working relationships with my colleagues and partners so I can best serve their needs.
  • I prize open and honest communication with my colleagues and partners.  
  • I include the people with the relevant skills and roles in early planning and conversations.
  • I encourage everyone to lend their diverse expertise and skills to a project.

Value No. 2: Think big: Good ideas don’t have titles.

  • I lead from where I sit.
  • I take responsibility for my ideas and champion those of my colleagues.
  • I find small innovations that add up to big value.
  • I provide great core services to create the foundation for bigger ideas.

Value No. 3: Be good: Do what’s right, today and every day.

  • I value diversity, equity and inclusion.
  • I am accountable to the commitments I make to my colleagues and partners.
  • I represent CU and our constituents, colleagues and partners with integrity.
  • I give the benefit of the doubt, assume the best intentions and forgive mistakes.

Value No. 4: Have fun: Our culture is as important as our work.

  • I value emotional and mental well-being as vital ingredients in a healthy culture.
  • I approach my work with an open and positive mindset.
  • I create space for fun at work.
  • I try to get to know my coworkers as people.


Central Advancement Leadership

Annie C. Baccary
Vice President for Central Advancement

Raychel Roy
Sr. Assistant Vice President for Central Advancement

Tim Skillern
Assistant Vice President for Central Advancement