There are more than 2,400 distinct funds that benefit people, places and programs throughout the University of Colorado's four campuses. Some gifts enable talented students to afford CU or bolster academic programs. Others help us recruit and retain top faculty or spur groundbreaking research. All fill vital needs and strengthen CU now and well into the years ahead.

Explore the flexible ways you can make a gift to support what matters to you.


Make a one-time gift today

No matter their size, one-time gifts make a big difference at CU. To give online today, choose the fund you want to support, enter your gift amount and follow the simple steps within the form.

Set up a recurring gift

When you create a recurring gift, you support CU in a sustainable and convenient way. To begin, select the fund you want to support, enter your gift amount and be sure to select “This is a recurring gift” within the form.

Securities and wire transfers

Making a gift of stocks, bonds, mutual funds and other financial assets offers you the chance to support our work while realizing important benefits for yourself. Whether you are wiring funds or transferring securities, the CU Foundation makes it easy to get started.

Create a planned gift

You can make a significant impact at CU and establish your enduring legacy through a gift of your assets. We offer flexible options for a wide range of circumstances, and each has distinct financial benefits for both you and the university.

Join a crowdfunding campaign

Combining your gift with the generosity of others propels us closer to our goals and magnifies the spirit of giving. Explore our crowdfunding campaigns and team up with other CU supporters.

Other Giving Options

Honorary and memorial gifts You can designate any gift in honor or memory of a loved one or influential individual. To begin, choose a fund and select “Yes” under the memory and honor section when entering your gift amount. Get started.

Employer matching gifts You might double or even triple the value of your gift if you work for an employer that matches gifts. Use our search tool to see if your employer participates, follow the instructions and maximize your impact. Get started.

CU payroll deduction CU staff and faculty can conveniently set up a recurring gift—processed automatically as a payroll deduction—to support CU on a schedule that’s right for you. Learn how.