On May 30, CU will start using new technology for its fundraising and philanthropic work.

How does this affect our donors? Read below for more details.

What’s happening?

We are launching new technology that helps us better understand what our donors are interested in at CU, improve how we communicate with you as a donor and enhance your experience when you give.

If you have any questions about giving to CU during this time, please email us at giving@cu.edu and we will be happy to assist you.

Can I still give to CU during this time?

Yes. The move to our new technology will not affect your ability to give to CU. As always, we are tremendously grateful for your generosity and passion for our university. If you have questions or difficulty giving, please let us know at giving@cu.edu.

Can I give to CU the same way I give today?

Yes. You can still give to CU through the method you are used to or prefer. No matter how you give today — check, credit card, phone, payroll deduction, bank or wire transfer, or more — you can still give during this time period as you always have. Our giving website explains the many different ways you can make a gift. Here is some information. And, as always, gifts can be made through our website at giving.cu.edu.

Will my gift and information be secure?

Absolutely. The security of your gift and information are our top priority when you give. Just as our current system meets industry standards for data security, our new system will, too.

How will this switch to new technology affect my gift?

You likely won’t notice any change because most of this move to new technology will happen behind the scenes. However, if you give to CU from May 12 to mid-June, you may notice a delay in receiving your gift receipt, either through email or the mail. This is because CU is making sure its databases are ready for this new technology. This process will affect how quickly we can send your receipt during this time.

Will the deposit of my gift be delayed?

No. If you make a gift by credit card, check, ACH, stock or other ways, your gift will be deposited with the CU Foundation on our normal schedule. But because we will not finalize the recording of your gift into our new systems, that will cause the delay of sending your gift receipt.

When should I expect to receive my gift receipt?

We expect to send gift receipts on our normal schedule starting in the second half of June. If you make a gift after May 12, there will be a delay in receiving your receipt. Thank you for your patience during this time.

Can I change the information I have on file with CU?

Yes. Use our online form at giving.cu.edu/update-my-records to change your information.

Can you confirm that my gift was received from mid-May to mid-June?

If you give through our website, you should receive an email confirming your gift.

If you give by check, ACH, payroll deposit, stock transfer, wire transfer or means other than our website, we might not be able to confirm the receipt of your gift until we begin recording gifts in our new system after May 30. If you mailed a check directly to our campus office, we can check to see when it arrived.

However, the receipt of checks mailed directly to the CU Foundation can’t be confirmed until they’re recorded in our new system. We encourage you to review your banking information to determine if your gift has been deposited with the CU Foundation. We apologize for this delay during this time.