Office of Research Support Fund

UCCS’ Office of Research dives into learning to stimulate thinking across academic fields. The office supports collaborative research initiatives on campus to enhance knowledge for students & faculty while aligning with the university’s mission to provide specialized research opportunities. With everchanging and evolving disciplines, research helps to advance understanding and encourage critical and creative thought.

Opportunities: The Office of Research aims to provide our community with the support to think, analyze, reimagine, discover, & create, to grow and establish impactful research opportunities. Various programs available through the Office of Research include:

-Undergraduate & Graduate Research Academies

-Center for Student Research

-Mountain Lion Research Day

-Faculty Seed Grants

Support: UCCS fosters a community of research by offering research resources to students, faculty and staff. Resources include access to tools, templates, events, workshops and experts within a designated field. Additional resources are supported through contributions to the Office of Research from donors. Areas of support include the Undergraduate Research Academy, the Center of Student Research, helping provide student mentorship and many others. To learn how you can expand resources for the Office of Research, visit

Connections: Essential connections are made between student researchers and faculty mentors through the Center for Student Research (CSR). The programs are geared toward enhancing and building new knowledge and initiatives. Many involved with the CSR are exposed to people across campus through their research which helps develop valuable connections. These connections help to promote a collaborative and engaging environment ensuring creative thought is nourished and innovative projects blossom.

Learn how you can Fuel Success for the Office of Research by emailing or calling University Development at 719-255-5100.

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