Los Seis Memorial Scholarship Fund

To provide undergraduate and graduate scholarship awards for students, including transfer students, who are enrolled in the School of Education at the University of Colorado Boulder.

This scholarship exists in honor and memory of Una Jaakola, Reyes Martínez and Neva Romero, who died on May 27, 1974, after a car bomb exploded at Chautauqua Park, and Francisco Dougherty, Heriberto Terán and Florencio Granado, who died on May 29, 1974, after a second car bomb exploded near 28th and Canyon, also injuring Antonio Alcántar. These individuals were fighting for parity representation and inclusion of Chicano students and other students of color at the University of Colorado in Boulder.

In the event the total gifts to the Fund equal or exceed $25,000 within five (5) years from the date the Fund is established, the Fund shall be administered as a pure endowment and shall be called the Los Seis Memorial Endowed Scholarship Fund.

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