Laughing Goat Endowed Library Scholarship Award Fund

To provide undergraduate/graduate scholarship awards, including scholarships or stipends, for students currently employed with University Libraries at CU Boulder, or engaged in a project relating to University Libraries' common areas/student services.

When the University Libraries renovated Norlin Library in 2008 to build the Learning Commons, now known as the Norlin Commons, students, faculty, and staff gained access to new technology, IT support, writing assistance, and collaborative workspaces. The Libraries and the Laughing Goat Coffeehouse also forged a partnership and the Norlin Commons became a new home for Laughing Goat's only on-campus location.

Through the years, The Laughing Goat owners have built strong relationships with many of the students and faculty who frequent the coffee shop. The owners were motivated by these individuals’ enthusiasm and thirst for knowledge, and inspired to find a way to support Libraries student employees.

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Endowed Funds
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