Center for Collaborative Synthesis Support Fund

To provide general support for the Center for Collaborative Synthesis in Archaeology within the Institute of Behavioral Science (IBS) at the University of Colorado Boulder.

The Center for Collaborative Synthesis in Archaeology is a hub for research that brings the archaeological record, the most extensive compendium of human experience available, to bear on contemporary issues in the environment and society. In recent decades documentation of the archaeological record has expanded exponentially. This is creating opportunities for archaeology to contribute to a fundamental science of human society that transcends the past and present and charts a course toward a more secure and just future. The CCSA is striving to make this vision a reality by funding and administering inclusive and interdisciplinary collaborative research, by archaeologists and other social and natural scientists, on issues that face every society. We also work in partnership with the Coalition for Archaeological Synthesis to promote collaborative synthesis in archaeology, and its results, to the archaeological community, other social scientific communities, and policymakers.
The Center for Collaborative Synthesis in Archaeology support fund is essential for our work—it provides support for maintaining our website, putting on CCSA workshops and events, building and maintaining our global community of interest, and providing opportunities for collaborators with limited resources to participate in our initiatives. 

This fund also supports our collaboration with the Initiative for Sustainable Development in Africa (ISDAf).  To learn more about the CCSA-hosted meetings in East Africa please click the link below.


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