Boulder Apple Tree Project Fund

To provide support for research, education, and community engagement missions of the Boulder Apple Tree Project at the University of Colorado Boulder.

In the late 1880’s much of the land in what is now Boulder was planted for fruit production. Neighborhoods were old orchards; Wildlands were old homesteads. Remaining are abandoned apple trees that have withstood disease, drought, and other ravages of the last century. These lost apples are nearing the ends of their lives, their rich diversity and history literally hanging on a limb.

The Boulder Apple Tree Project was started in 2017 to explore the identity and history of apple varieties in Boulder and the surrounding area in the hopes of saving these "apples of old" and improving future urban agricultural planning. The fund will support efforts to plant the descendants of the old trees in community teaching orchards, to involve CU students in these locally-relevant, experiential, and multidisciplinary research experiences, and to involve the Boulder community in collaborative learning that fosters a strong sense of place and university-communities ties.

This fund will support activities related to the Boulder Apple Tree Project, including research, operating support and student research.

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