Student Philanthropy


Hello! My name is PhilanthroPig.

PhilanthroPig helps STAT (Students Today Alumni Tomorrow), a CU Denver student organization that’s all about—you guessed it—philanthropy. Fill PhilanthroPig with spare change and dollar bills. You can also give at campus events or online. Watch your email and CU Denver social media to see where PhilanthroPig will be next.

Your $ will help CU Denver students in need. All money raised will benefit students experiencing hunger, homelessness, and other crisis situations through the CU Denver Loving Lynx Emergency Fund.

But I’m just a college student. Why is it important I give?

  • Leave a lasting impact on campus.
  • Live a life full of gratitude.
  • Be a hero! CU Denver depends on generous people like you.

Every gift to PhilanthroPig makes a difference. You'll be surprised at how a little can go a long way.



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