Students Today, Alumni Tomorrow

Students Today, Alumni Tomorrow

When you reflect back on your experience at CU, we hope you realize you have become a part of something big. Perhaps CU has shaped your character, introduced you to lifelong friends, built a foundation for learning or opened doors for career opportunities and a bright future.

You have the chance to make a difference in the lives of future CU students and support the place that has meant so much to you. Join us in carrying on the tradition of giving back to our community—and leave your mark on CU forever—by donating to CU.

Whether you give $5, $20 or more, giving back is a part of the student/alumni experience and of being a member of the CU family. The choice of what you support is yours and speaks to what you’re passionate about. With your donation, you can choose to support your school, college, favorite program or a scholarship for deserving incoming students.

We have it in our power to determine the legacy and impact we leave at CU. When we all come together, truly anything is possible.